How It Works:

Use our patent-pending kits to turn medicinal extracts into premium filled cartridges.

Making good carts is difficult and expensive. We’re here to help.

Cartridge Manufacturing Kits

Everything you need, with no waste.

Personalize your carts with JuiceBoxes

We let you choose the additives and cartridges that will optimize your vaping experience.

Extract Additives


Achieve medicinal effects of your favorite strains. *no THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids present in our terpenes.


Adjust the potency and
viscocity of your
medicinal formula.
*we carry terpene-based
diluent, no PG/VG, PEG,
or MCT oils.


Maximize vapor production and flavor transfer by choosing a cartridge optimized for your formula.


Thick oils
Strong blends
1.6/2.0mm Oil Hole

AC 1003

Thinner oils
Lighter blends
1.2mm Oil Hole


Adjust the potency and viscocity of your juice.


Use with stronger blends. Use with refined extracts. More expensive.

Carrier Liquids

Use with lighter blends.
Use with unrefined extracts. Cheaper/ml.